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Poll of the Week: Women's Basketball and March Madness

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The fate of the men's basketball team (as far as the NCAA Tournament) is mostly still undecided. But as I wrote last month, the women's team has a good shot at making the field.

That still holds true as ESPN's most recent Bracketology (as of Monday) had the Panthers comfortably in as a No. 9 seed. And as JD said, head coach Suzie McConnell-Serio certainly deserves a good amount of consideration for ACC Coach of the Year for taking a team not expected to do much to the tournament, assuming they get in.

The men's program obviously draws a bigger level of talk among fans. But if the women get into the Big Dance, I'm curious to know about the interest level there, too. If the Pitt women go dancing for the first time in several years, will you be watching?

Let us know via the poll below and expand on that in the comments section.