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2015 National Signing Day Open Thread

After a full year of commitments and de-commitments, Pitt can finalize its 2015 recruiting class today as faxes will roll into the athletics department starting early this morning.

We'll be covering the action here, obviously, and you can follow along in the open thread and comment throughout the day. The big thing, obviously, is hoping that all of Pitt's verbals follow through and don't have a change of heart about the Panthers. These days are often pretty straight forward, but players do flip on occasion at the last minute, so getting those guys inked to make it official shouldn't be taken for granted.

It's Pat Narduzzi's first class and, even though I wrote that the Panthers' class isn't all that highly ranked, the new coach certainly deserves some credit for landing (assuming everyone signs, of course) some key players in the short time he's had.

As always, leave your thoughts on Pitt's class in here as well as any news, rumors, links to articles, etc. Big day for Pitt, so let's settle in and enjoy it. I'll be MIA during the day with work as I'm sure many of you will be. But Jim is going to try to man the thread today. Either way, we'll leave it up all day so that you can comment, panic appropriately, etc.

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