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Panther of the Week: Cam Wright

Cam Wright takes home the Panther of the Week award during Pitt's exit loss in the ACC Tournament.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This season hasn't been what Cameron Wright wanted entering his last year. With past experience, there is no doubt that the senior had high hopes of a successful regular season, followed up with a lengthy NCAA Tournament stay. With a foot injury to kick off the season and a season that saw Pitt struggle throughout, Wright's last year at Pitt did not shape up the way anyone thought it would. Now, the Panthers will need to pull it together to make something of this season in a lesser post-season tourney. Wright did make the most of Pitt's lone game in the ACC Tournament and for that he takes home Panther of the Week honors.

The Panthers were taken down by NC State 81-70 and were never a real threat in the game, thanks in large part to poor defense. Wright certainly tried to keep Pitt in the game, despite only playing 29 of the 40 minutes. During those 29 minutes, the Cleveland, OH native dropped in 19 points to go along with four rebounds, one assist, and two steals. Wright also took care of the ball and ended the game with a goose egg in the turnover category.

No senior player wants to go out with this type of mediocre season and you can bet that with Cam's heart, he'll do what he can no matter if Pitt ends up in the NIT or the dreaded CBI. No offense to the team of a few years ago, but no one wants to go the CBI. Very few want to play in the NIT, but at least those games have television exposure and name opponents. Here's to hoping Pitt can force me to write more than one more Panther of the Week post before the year ends.

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