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NCAA Tournament / NIT Selection Sunday: Open Thread

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Today's a big day in terms of college basketball with the seedings and brackets being announced for the NCAA Tournament and, more importantly in Pitt's case, the NIT.

The Panthers won't be heading to the NCAAs for the second time in Jamie Dixon's tenure, but they'll have a chance to extend their season in the NIT. This site is one of many that expects Pitt to be in that field, tabbing the Panthers as a No. 6 seed.

We'll have more on where Pitt winds up but I'll leave this thread up to comment during today's announcements. Assuming the Panthers make the NIT, what kind of seed do you expect and how interested are you in following the team the rest of the way? Having these kinds of seasons makes you realize that NCAA Tournament appearances shouldn't be taken for granted. Personally, I'll still be following - and not just because of the site. But I'm curious to know if some of you will take a pass on the NIT games, assuming that's where the Panthers end up.