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Pitt basketball road woes continue with loss on Sunday

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's not surprising for college basketball teams (or teams in any sport, really) to have more success at home than on the road. Pitt, however, has shown more extremes than most in regards to that.

Despite not having a great season by their standards, the Panthers' home advantage at The Pete has continued to hold to form. Pitt has an incredible 14-2 record at home, including wins against Top 15 teams North Carolina and Notre Dame. Their two defeats came against ranked Louisville and while the other was against Clemson, it was early in the conference season when the Panthers weren't the same team.

And how's this for context? The only ACC teams with more home success than Pitt in terms of wins/losses are Top 5 teams, Virginia and Duke.

The road, though, has been a completely different story.

Pitt hasn't just been bad there, they've been horrendous. Following an ugly loss on Sunday to Wake Forest, the Panthers are 2-8 away from The Pete -- and one of those wins came in a miracle finish against Boston College who ranks right near the bottom of the conference. For as high as the Panthers have ranked in terms of home records in the conference, their futility on the road has been 'bested' only by Virginia Tech and Boston College - the bottom two teams in the ACC.

Part of that is due to competition. Pitt drew a difficult road game in the ACC-B1G challenge, traveling to Indiana and also had to travel across the country to play a Hawaii team that has given other programs challenges there. Other ACC teams, conversely, had easier non-con road games.

Still, the rate at which Pitt has lost road games as opposed to their success at home is alarming. It's extremely difficult to see how Pitt can rank right up there in terms of ranked programs in terms of a home record and be as bad as they've been on the road. Plus, Pitt sports a miserable 1-2 record against BC, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest, and easily could be 0-3 in those contests. That just doesn't make a load of sense.

Even figuring in Pitt's extreme youth, the team has been significantly worse on the road than could have been anticipated.

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