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Panther of the Week: James Robinson

James Robinson wins Panther of the Week honors almost by default in their lone game, a loss to George Washington.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's 60-54 loss to a mid-major opponent in the first round of the NIT is not something Pitt fans are used to, but that was the end result of a disappointing basketball season. As you would expect, the game was ugly. It was so ugly, that at certain points Pitt player efforts were being questioned openly by the announcing crew - that's never a good thing.

All of that being said, we do still have a job to do here and that is to pick the Panther of the Week. You really hate to say this, but almost by default, James Robinson is the selection here. The junior point guard came away with nine points, seven rebounds, five assists and only one turnover. The one turnover was the key. The Panthers had an incredible 16 turnovers during the game, so the starting point guard would figure to have more than one, but that is what happened.

You could argue that Jamel Artis or Cam Wright could be selected here, but that duo came away with three and four turnovers respectively. The turnovers were a major reason for Pitt's six point defeat, but also contributing was a horrendous night at the free throw line. The Panthers finished a terrible 44% from the charity stripe and Artis and Wright both had a hand in that category as well, while Robinson finished the contest as the only Panther to NOT miss a free throw. He only shot two of them, but hey, we're searching for some bright spots here.

The one good thing is that this season is over and it is, in fact, one Pitt fans couldn't wait to be finished. Let's hope there are brighter days ahead and not any more Panther of the Week columns that are won by default.

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