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Lesean McCoy says Eagles made 'Panic Move'

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back, the Philadelphia Eagles made a surprise move in trading away former Pitt star Lesean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills. That left a hole on the roster, but Philly has filled it with the pickups of ex-Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

While saying Murray would do a good job there, McCoy didn't sound all that impressed with the additions and the Eagles' philosophy:

"I saw that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore, and he backed out," McCoy said Friday on The Rich Eisen Show. "So then when they got DeMarco and they got Ryan Mathews, I thought it was like a panic move."


"I can't really answer it," McCoy said. "They took two backs to replace one. I think DeMarco's a hell of a back. I think he'll do a good job there. I'm not sure how that went."

The McCoy move seemed curious at first. but at the end of the day, you could argue that Philadelphia has actually improved its standing. They paid Murray about the same as what Buffalo paid McCoy and they also added Kiko Alonzo for McCoy, a potential star linebacker. Murray had a huge season last year and not only led the league in rushing, but had nearly 500 more yards than Le'Veon Bell - the back with the second most yards.

McCoy's contention is that they're basically paying two guys to replace him since they've also signed Ryan Mathews and that's true to a degree. But in the land of non-guaranteed contracts in the NFL, the Eagles could also release him.

In any event, McCoy doesn't seem all that impressed with the Eagles swapping him out in exchange for Murray and Mathews.

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