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Pitt Football Spring Practice: Pat Narduzzi making depth chart changes

It's only spring ball and while somewhat exciting to get some football news, I still have a difficult time processing just how important this is. After all, the full team isn't even together as the freshman won't be coming until later in the year.

Don't tell that to new coach Pat Narduzzi, though. Narduzzi isn't only paying close attention to what's going on, but says depth chart changes are coming based on what's happened.

"We're starting to get to the point where coaching should take place and there should be improvement, and there's improvement in some areas and there's no improvement in other areas. The first few days were calm but now there has to be some pressure on the kids to make improvements. That's what we're going to see. There's going to be some changes in the depth chart here and there. I would imagine after the scrimmage on Saturday, you had a chance to learn it and do what we needed to do. So we're at that point now and it's getting serious."

That all makes sense from a coaching standpoint. He's got a very limited window with these guys and in trying to install a whole new system, he just doesn't have a ton of time.

Overall, Narduzzi just seems like he's not all that satisfied with how things are shaping up so far. He had more to say in addition to that quote above.

There’s been a lot of improvement and there’s some areas that are staying the same, but nothing has gotten worse but it’s supposed to get better. You have to get better every day."

Before there's too much speculation on the depth chart stuff, just realize that even if changes are made now, there's still plenty of time for things to change. Kids have to get through the summer without getting into trouble (not always a given) then there's training camp in the fall. In other words, no matter what kind of news comes out in terms of a depth chart after this weekend's scrimmage, nothing is really set in stone at this point.

And, heck, forget a depth chart at the end of camp. Narduzzi says things are constantly changing. I mean, constantly. When asked about the depth chart changes, he added:

"It’s probably taken some guys by surprise already. There’s already been movement that maybe you guys don’t see. We’ll move it every day. We don’t just move it during scrimmages. It gets moved daily to shake things up. It’s been good for some guys."

We're a long way from things being settled and it'd be interesting to know what changes could be out there. But outside of some of the upperclassmen and the stars like Tyler Boyd, James Conner, and to a lesser degree, Chad Voytik, those guys aren't going anywhere, obviously. Plus, remember with the depth chart, we're not just talking starters here - we're talking who climbs their way onto a spot on the two deep.

Like I said, we've got a long way to go.

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