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Poll of the Week: Lesean McCoy's NFL Future

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, I wrote briefly about the trade involving former Pitt running back Lesean McCoy, who was dealt from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills.

As with any trade, there were surely several factors involved. At 26, McCoy is still fairly young - but he's not a rookie, either. There was the $9.5M he was owed for next season. There was also the return, as the Eagles landed a promising young linebacker.

For me, it's made me think quite about how much McCoy has left. He's logged six years in the NFL and while running backs can play into their 30s, it doesn't always happen. McCoy has had a heavy workload in his time in Philly as the focal point of the Eagles' offense for several years. There's been some wear and tear there, but overall, has been pretty durable.

Part of the concern has stemmed from a drop in production this past year. After racking up more than 1,600 rushing yards in 2013, he got off to a slow start and finished with a little over 1,300, dropping from 5.1 yards per carry to a more modest 4.2.

What do you think? How much does Shady have left?

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