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Pitt chopped by Florida State 61-52

Pitt closes out the year with a third straight loss.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing to sugarcoat here, so I will keep it brief.  Pitt lost to Florida State 61-52 in the regular season finale to set Pitt's final record 19-13 (8-10). It was the Panthers' third straight loss to close out the year, and while Pitt was likely out of the running for an NCAA Tournament at-large berth after Wednesday's loss, this ultimately cemented it. Pitt's only NCAA Tournament hopes rest with them winning four games in four days at the ACC Tournament in Greensboro, so yeah - not likely.

Pitt shot 33.3% from the field, and it was one of their uglier performances of the year offensively. Pitt could not hit the broad side of a barn, and in the second half, Florida State left it open, but Pitt did not take advantage.  The Panthers were out-rebounded by the much bigger Florida State team, but the 'Noles did not shoot it well and committed 19 turnovers, but Pitt was equally as bad.

Pitt was led once again by Jamel Artis, as the sophomore forward finished with 17 points. He did not have a great game, as he committed some poor turnovers and forced some ugly shots. For the first time in a while, Josh Newkirk had a positive game, with 12 points and 3 assists off the bench. Wright had a foul-plagued two point performance, Jeter had 0 points for the second time this week. As a team, Pitt shot 5-21 from behind the arc.

Nothing changed for Pitt really, they need to win the ACC Tournament to get into the dance. Pitt was awful on the road this season, and had too many bad losses to overcome to get into the tournament this season. Pitt finished poorly, but they dug themselves a pretty serious hole before the flat finish.  Pitt plays Wednesday in Greensboro.