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Steven Adams battling injuries in sophomore season with Oklahoma City Thunder

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt center Steven Adams is enjoying quite the turbulent season with the Oklahoma City Thunder in his second season in the NBA. While Adams' Thunder were contenders last year in his rookie season, the team is fighting to simply make the playoffs this season - thanks mostly to star Kevin Durant missing the bulk of it.

Adams has had to deal with some injuries along the way, too. First, the center missed most of February and the beginning of March with a hand injury. He returned to the lineup, but towards the end of the month, he sustained an elbow injury. Adams said he was banged up, but continued to play through it.

Last Wednesday, he was dinged again, suffering an ankle injury against Dallas, forcing him out of the game. Despite leaving the contest, he returned to play an effective 36 minutes just two days later against the Memphis Grizzlies. Even with the last two setbacks, he's not missed any games.

Overall, it's good to see him finding ways to stay on the court. Adams is putting together a solid sophomore campaign in the NBA, averaging 7.8 points and 7.4 rebounds per game while blocking 1.2 shots a night and shooting 55% from the field. With the Thunder needing to scratch for a playoff spot, they need all the help they can get -

And Adams appears to be doing his fair share.

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