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Poll of the Week: Durand Johnson's departure.

How do you think Durand Johnson's departure will change Pitt's basketball success next season?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

By now you have all heard the news that Durand Johnson won't be back for Pitt next season. Now that you have had some sufficient time to let this sink in, you have probably gone through the typical Pitt fan reaction, which likely includes some form of disbelief, anger, panic, reevaluation, talking yourself into it being okay, and/or just plain old coming to terms with it.

As Pitt fans, we really should be used to this by now.  Honestly, if you haven't considered every possible bad thing happening for Pitt sports and playing each scenario out in your head before it happens, then your fanhood should be questioned to some degree.

Enough with the song and dance though, let's get down to it.  How will this affect Pitt? They certainly still have young players coming back, so I believe it's safe to say that Panther fans are split judging from the Twitter and message board reaction. There is no doubting that he was an intriguing player and would have contributed, but can he be replaced?

He was a big spark off the bench, but do you have confidence in the improvement of the young guys and Jamie Dixon's ability to replace him for next season (sidenote: Dixon doesn't think much of it)?  With all things considered, what impact do you feel this will have?

We will find out and it could be painful or we could be saying Durand who by this time next season.  Answer below and let us know your feelings.

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