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Pitt Blue-Gold spring game additional news and notes

As mentioned yesterday, the Blue-Gold game draft results were revealed. Here are a few more minor notes regarding Saturday's exhibition:

- The blue team is Team Fitz (Larry Fitzgerald) and the gold team is Team Donald (Aaron Donald) - those two guys are honorary captains, as was announced a while ago.

- The coordinators will serve as the head coaches. Ironically, defensive coordinator Josh Conklin will coach the offensively-stacked blue team while offensive coordinator Jim Chaney heads up the gold team.

- These things are usually pretty plain with coaches revealing less and less as the games have gained quite a bit of coverage over the years. But Pat Narduzzi said on Tuesday that things will be even more 'vanilla' than it will be in the future. In other words, don't expect to see Pitt do many special things on Saturday that they'll implement in the regular season. Narduzzi specifically referenced not wanting Youngstown State and Akron to see anything.

- Thursday's practice will be used as a tune up of sorts. The two teams will be split up the way they were drafted so that they can work alongside each other.

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