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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Charlotte fifth year transfer Mike Thorne to visit Pitt

The one year grad transfer has Pitt as one of three finalists.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Our own Jim Hammett discussed Pitt's spring recruiting options earlier today, and one of them is already making moves.

Mike Thorne announced those three visits along with saying those three were his finalists. Thorne was considered Virginia Tech bound early on, and garnered attention from Arizona, Illinois, South Carolina and North Carolina State but it looks like he cut some of those teams down.

Thorne would be a great option. It's basically a rental since he only has one year of eligibility left. Cheick Diallo will have made a decision before Thorne's visit to Kansas, so we should know if Pitt puts the full court press on him if Diallo goes elsewhere. The spring is always interesting for Pitt basketball, and we'll see if Pitt lands some of the higher players they're after.