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Poll of the Week: Spring Game

Pitt's spring game received a large round of applause, so the question now is: Do they mess with it?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This past Saturday, Pitt received a large amount of praise for its spring game that was held at Highmark Stadium.  The praise was from just about everyone that was in attendance and the local press, as well as this blog. Highmark Stadium has a tremendous view of the city and offered an intimate experience for the fans and players. The weather certainly helped too. As we look ahead, we now want to know what your feelings are on the location. Was Highmark just right or should it go back to Heinz Field, where they could not hold this year's game due to construction?

Let's be honest for a moment and realize that the energy brought on by the new staff, the big stars (James Conner and Tyler Boyd) on the team coming back, and the stunning weather day all contributed to the day as a whole. Add to that the sightings of not only the coaches (Aaron Donald and Larry Fitzgerald), but also other former greats like Rod Rutherford and Shady McCoy. What if the day was a dreary, raining day? Would the experience have been the same? Do the former players come out to the game? Is the crowd as large? Even if a lot of people do show up, is it better to have the game at a smaller stadium with a crowded feel or is it better to have it at Heinz Field and risk the atmosphere draining a little bit due to a lot of empty seats?

That's the decision that the program and head coach Pat Narduzzi will have come next spring. Do they stay with what worked and make the spring game almost a hard thing to get thing into or move it to Heinz because "that's what a big program does?"  Let us know below.

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