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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Jamie Dixon lands Coppin State transfer Sterling Smith

Pitt lands a sought after transfer who can score and hit from deep.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt basketball had been bleeding somewhat since the end of the season, but Coach Dixon staunched the bleeding today picking up a 5th year transfer in Sterling Smith

Smith averaged almost 14 points per game this past season, and just about five rebounds as well. He's a 42% three point shooter from deep, and will add a perimeter threat Pitt hasn't had in a season or two. He's got a great frame standing at 6'4", and Pitt definitely needed a scoring guard on the roster again. Smith had interest from Virginia Tech, Louisville, and Wake Forest. Smith was down to Pitt and Louisville, but after Louisville added Drexel transfer Damion Lee, he opted for Pitt. You can follow him on twitter here. Welcome to Pitt, Sterling.