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2015 NFL Draft: Pitt lineman T.J. Clemmings will not attend draft despite first-round projections

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt offensive lineman T.J. Clemmings is expected to be taken in the first round of this week's draft. Despite the lofty projections, however, you won't find him in Chicago at the draft.

"I know that the draft is really a great event and a great thing to go to," Clemmings told The Associated Press this week. "It also can be pretty stressful. Nobody knows where they're going to go. But the wait, I'd rather have that wait with my friends and family here at home in New Jersey."

This is nothing new as more and more players are passing on attending. Personally, I'd probably want to do it - it's something you'll never get back. But given what guys like Aaron Rodgers went through when they slipped farther than most anticipated, it's a position I understand. Still, it's a once in a lifetime thing and a pretty special moment, if you ask me (which, you know, nobody really is).

It's not just about the potential embarrassment, too. As Donald cited before and as Clemmings does, it's also about sharing a special time with your family and friends. So like I said, I get it.

You might remember, too, that Pitt defensive lineman Aaron Donald did the same thing last year.

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