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The Sporting News mentions Jamie Dixon as a potential replacement for Billy Donovan at Florida

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often, Jamie Dixon's name surfaces for potential coaching jobs. Often, those jobs haven't been any ore desirable than the Panthers' gig. But with the Florida Gators job now open, cue the insanity.

With Billy Donovan leaving for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Sporting News put together a list of 13 potential fits for the Gators' spot and surprise, surprise - Jamie Dixon's on their list.

To be fair, the website didn't call Dixon an official candidate. But to even mention him at all seems like a far-fetched notion.

Barring a lack of confidence from new athletic director Scott Barnes, any link of Dixon and the job would appear to be the height of insanity. First, unlike previous rumors linking him with the likes of Arizona State and Oregon, this wouldn't be a move back out west, closer to family. Also, why would you want to be in the shadow of Donovan and all that he accomplished there? Let's remember, too, that this isn't North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, etc. Realistically, while Florida is one of the most successful programs lately, they're still a notch below the most storied programs in basketball.

Then there's the fact that Dixon has repeatedly said he's happy at Pitt and in the city and has said this is his the place he wants to finish his career, following his last extension.

Finally, while Dixon's name still holds a lot of weight, he's not exactly on the upswing in terms of hot names out there. He hasn't even been to a Sweet 16 since the team's 2009 run to the Elite Eight. Donovan, meanwhile, led Florida to four straight Elite Eights (including a Final Four) from 2011-2014, and of course had the National Championships a few years before that. Would they even want someone like Dixon who has had success but fallen short in the tournament?

Others may be sold on it, but Dixon to Florida simply doesn't pass the sniff test.

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