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Poll of the Week: Question for Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi

Photo used with permission of the University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

You see it all the time around the college football landscape where a head coach travels a little bit away from campus to meet the fan base and alumni that live outside of the area. The Panthers are no exception to that this year and Pat Narduzzi will be in the Philadelphia area in a few days. I will be there.

For those of you that have not heard, Narduzzi will be traveling and will be hitting up Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta.

Why is that such a great idea? I have worked in three of those cities (NYC, DC, and Philly) and have seen my fair share of Pitt fans and alumni in those areas. I happen to have several friends who live in the south and there are more Pitt alumni/fans in Atlanta and the Florida area than one would expect. It's nice to see those that live away from the "412" are going to get some love and attention.

There has been a Q&A session advertised for the Philadelphia event I'll be attending, so here is where you come into play. In this week's poll, I want you to use the comments section to let me know what you want me to ask him. I'll do my best to get at least one of them to him and will provide his answer if I'm able to do so. If we get one question that is brought up over and over, I will use that as the winner. So if you have a question for Narduzzi when I go to the event on Wednesday, fire away.

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