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Pitt to have new uniforms in 2016

Narduzzi announced the look of Pitt football is changing in the future

Pat Narduzzi had his first leg of the Pitt on the Prowl event tour last night in Washington, DC. It was part of a five city trip of Coach Narduzzi  visiting Pitt fans and alums up and down the East coast.

Thanks to @TheWilliardYears for using Periscope to stream the event. It gave the folks who weren't there some access.

Narduzzi had a little bit of an speech at the beginning talking about the upgrades to the practice facility, and comparing them to the rest of the ACC. The main attraction was the Q&A session, however. To give the fans there credit, they asked some great questions. Everything was about from cost of attendance to making Heinz more "Pitt like", and one of the more debated topics among Pitt fans: uniforms.

On that front, Narduzzi had some news.

Narduzzi went on to say that the designs were approved a couple of days ago with Nike. He noted it takes well over a year to organize uniform changes, which is why they aren't debuting for the 2015 season. I've heard the same timeline several times before from different people in the athletic department so it's no surprise. Even the Oakland Zoo shirts are planned a full 6 months before the start of basketball season. Narduzzi gave no details on what to expect, but considering everything from the facility renovations to the promotional materials we've seen have been in the newer vegas gold and navy blue color scheme, I think we can rule out any color changes. Something else to note, this was something that had to have been planned well before Scott Barnes was named AD. Not only does it show Narduzzi has some true oversight of the program, but it provides even more evidence that interim Athletic Director Randy Juhl may have had the best 6 month term ever.

Narduzzi didn't give any indication of when we could expect the designs to be revealed, but he does have them saved on his phone so maybe if you're really nice he'll show you them at one of the other Prowl events. Either way, Pitt will come out against Penn State in 2016 with a new look. It should be a pretty awesome affair. Narduzzi mentioned someone he showed the designs to said (some serious paraphrasing here) "they could see us coming out of the tunnels in them, and they were pumped about it"

Update: Chris Peak of just posted some information ($$$) about what to expect in terms of colors and scale of the changes.