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New Pitt football uniforms: ALL THE EMOTION

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So, earlier tonight, KDKA's Richie Walsh gave us an appropriate warning:

Then, this ...

Wait, what?

Part of the problem here is that new head coach Pat Narduzzi teased these things and everyone was already in a frenzy expecting the moon. So there was not only the to-be-expected mass disappointment when the renderings were rolled out, but also a lot of 'huh?'

To be fair, these aren't, you know, the actual uniforms. These are KDKA renderings of something that is supposed to resemble them in a cartoon, comic strip sort of way. Nothing more.

The distinctive features are, of course, the Pitt script without the old color scheme, and some futuristic numbering thing going on. While the numbers, in particular, might be distracting to you and I, the goal here is something that recruits want. The school wants to make apparel that fans will buy, of course, but a large part of this is to attract a younger crowd and the recruits (who, by the way, probably think these are pretty cool).

Next up, the color schemes. The monochrome look? Not for me. But I would be pretty surprised if we didn't see a mix of the jerseys with different colored pants. Don't forget, these are a year and a half away from even debuting. There's going to be a lot of discussion, talk about combinations, what works/doesn't work. I wouldn't be too concerned on that right now, but I will say that if we do end up seeing a single-color look, I wouldn't be a fan of that. Pitt has done that in the past, but not regularly.

While not criticizing too much, the one thing that looks odd to me is the blue/white combo - white jersey with blue script. Sorry, but I don't get it. Sure we've seen a blue/white scheme of sorts, but usually with some gold mixed in if memory serves correct. That helmet, especially, makes you think of nothing but Penn State. To do that in-state with the Nittany Lions next door makes little sense. Even if mixed with gold pants, I wouldn't get that look at all. The helmet is the most distracting thing.

So yeah, what do you think?

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