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Pitt offensive tackle T.J. Clemmings slides to fourth round, taken by Minnesota Vikings in NFL Draft

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't on Day 1, or even Day 2 ... but former Pitt offensive lineman T.J. Clemmings was finally taken in the NFL Draft in the fourth round (#110 overall) by the Minnesota Vikings

After beginning his career on the defensive line, his conversion to offensive tackle reaped dividends for the team and for himself. Having wrapped up his sophomore year, the former big-time recruit didn't seem much like a potential NFL Draft pick, let alone one in the early rounds. But Clemmings' stock rose tremendously after landing a starting spot at tackle for the last two seasons. He went from a tremendous question mark to one of the top linemen in the ACC this past season.

That aforementioned stock, of course, took a big hit over the weekend. Clemmings was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot recently, and that no doubt played a part in his massive slide. Once projected as a first-round pick, Clemmings fell and fell.

And fell.

To entirely discount his injury would be foolish. And with so many teams passing (repeatedly) over him, there is clearly a ton of concern about his situation. But given the fact that he played for it without even knowing, it's hard to feel that he wasn't an absolute bargain that late. Even if the injury does hamper him some, to get what many were calling a first-round talent that late seems like nothing short of a steal.

Health concerns aside, the book on Clemmings remains that he's raw but has the frame to play on an NFL offensive line. And given what he's accomplished in the past two years after playing the position for the first time in college, you can't underestimate what he'll be able to accomplish.

Clemmings has to be disappointed, but also motivated to come in and prove his health isn't a concern. But yeah, that whole skipping the draft thing seems like a good idea in hindsight.

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