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Poll: Favorite Pitt football uniform combo

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday, this happened.

As you'd imagine, the expected reaction hit the proverbial Pitt Twitter fan and there was all sorts of discussion on the KDKA uniform renderings of the gear the Panthers are expected to wear in 2016. As I wrote yesterday, these are just drawings, but we can still overindulge ourselves, no?

Again, here were the renderings if you've not yet seen them, per our friend @TheWillardYears on Twitter. These were teased by Richie Walsh and then aired on KDKA yesterday evening.

Behold ...

Assuming Pitt will do some version of a mix and match, I want to know what combo of helmets, jerseys, and pants you'd like to see. I generally leave the poll stuff up to Chris here, but wanted to throw this one up since there's a lot of discussion.

Because there are so many possibilities, there are far too many options to list as a poll. But write your favorite in the comments section below. Not necessary, but if you want to identify a home and road combo, feel free.

I'll even kick things off - gold helmet, blue jersey, gold pants.

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