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Pat Narduzzi continues push for Pitt-Penn State game

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Pitt football head coach Pat Narduzzi has commented quite a bit on a potential extension of the Pitt-Penn State series. Last week at a function in Lancaster, Narduzzi made it clear that he wants the game to be played beyond the four-game slate:

"I think it's an in-state rival," Narduzzi said before appearing at the Manheim Touchdown Club banquet Tuesday evening in Lancaster. "It's two Power Five conferences that can go head to head. ... To me, why not keep the money in state and play (a game between) the two best schools in the state? I'm a firm believer that you keep those rivalries going as long as you can, especially in state."

To what Narduzzi said about the money, keeping the money in state? Whatever. None of that really matters. What does matter is playing a game that just is a much bigger draw than Penn State-Temple or Pitt-Akron. It's an opportunity for an in-state rivalry game and it just doesn't make sense to pass on that year after year.

But while playing the game every year would be great, it's just hard to see that happening with so many things up in the air ... limited non-conference opportunities, other rivals (such as West Virginia) lurking in the background, semi-regular games against Notre Dame for Pitt, etc.

The game could, of course, be played annually. Lots of teams play a rivalry game every year. But that would require a big commitment from each side and I'm not sure it happens.

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