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Athlon ranks Pitt's trio as second-best offensive triplets in ACC

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Athlon ranked Pitt running back James Conner as the top rusher in the ACC. The publication took some time to rank the best trios (at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver) in the conference and the Panthers came up second in the rankings.

Athlon ranks both Conner and Tyler Boyd as the best at their respective positions but slotted quarterback Chad Voytik only 7th. Pitt finished second to the trio of Clemson's Deshaun Watson, Wayne Gallman, and Artavis Scott.

Based on their scoring system, Pitt and Clemson actually finished tied with 36 total points based on the Athlon scoring system. But the Tigers may have been given the nod over Pitt since their worst-ranked player (Gallman as the 6th best wide receiver) trumped the Panthers' lowest-ranked guy (Voytik).

Still, Pitt was the only team with two top-ranked stars and it's just another reminder of what we all know - there's a lot to be excited about offensively.

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