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Poll of the Week: Focus of Pitt's non-conference football schedules

Would you rather see Pitt-Penn State every year or something else on the football field?

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

With Pat Narduzzi making the rounds to Pitt alumni and fans in key areas over the past few weeks, a question has been raised about Penn State in some form or another. The teams begin play in the 2016 season for four years straight. Narduzzi has been saying he likes the game and seems to be in favor of it continuing after this coming series is over. James Franklin, of Penn State, has been less committal on the subject. That's where we, as fans, step into the subject. Much like the unstable Dean Ambrose, we can just be loose cannons and say what we want without much recourse.

This is not as clear and cut as one might think. There are those of us (and I happen to be one of them) that wants Penn State every single season. There are others who would rather face the more recent rival, West Virginia. On the opposing side of a rivalry game, some fans would like to schedule as many cupcakes as possible to help pad a win total. Finally, there are fans that would like to see a non-traditional rival from a Power 5 conference scheduled to get as many other "big-time" programs into Pittsburgh as possible.

Understanding that Pitt can go in many directions and even have a couple of these at once, those are the four main sides to this argument. If you had to pick only one alternative as a priority, what would it be?

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