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Fall Camp Preview: Fullback

Taking a look at the unsung heroes - The Fullbacks heading into Fall camp.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports
  • George Aston 6'0" 240 Freshman (Redshirted in 2014)
  • Joey Kerle 6'0" 235 Freshman (Redshirted in 2014)
  • Colton Lively 6'0" 240 Sophomore (Appeared in one game in 2014)
  • Jaymar Parrish 6'2" 270 Junior (4 catches 25 yards in 13 starts in 2014)
  • Anthony Rippole 5'10" 230 Junior (Appeared in one game in 2014)
Projected Starter - Jaymar Parrish

If you check Pitt's official roster, you will see Jaymar Parrish is officially listed as a tight end, but for all intents and purposes he falls into a Fullback or H-Back role. Parrish can line up in a tight end spot, but you can see him in motion or in the backfield a good bit. He is a good blocker, and on obvious running downs in the red zone, expect to see him lead blocking for James Conner.

Pitt has had a good run of fullbacks through the years. Guys like Lousaka Polite, Conredge Collins, and Henry Hynoski all come to mind. Parrish has been on the field since he was a true freshman, and has been a big part to the running game. He is an unsung hero to this offense with his versatility.

The Rest - George Aston, Joey Kerle, Colton Lively, Anthony Rippole

Pitt's depth at the fullback position comes with a list of four walk-ons.Barring injury, I do not count on these guys to see much playing time during meaningful snaps. Pitt will go with double tight ends more often than not, and the use of the fullback will not be very big outside of Jaymar Parrish.

Colton Lively and Anthony Rippole both appeared in the Delaware game in 2014, so if any of these guys were pressed into action those two may have the leg up on everyone else.

*Incoming freshman walk-ons have not been added to the official roster yet.