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Tony Butler no longer committed to Pitt

Pitt is no longer an option for the Ohio defensive back recruit

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday,  we had another update in the saga that was Tony Butler's "commitment" to Pitt as he took interest and visits to far more schools than the one he was committed to. Later in the day, Tony Butler announced that he was reopening his recruitment up officially yesterday afternoon

From reports of other sites, Pitt won't even be an option for him going forward to take official visits or his recruitment at all. His options right now are Michigan, Rutgers, Arizona State, Minnesota, and Maryland. Now, it's possible that after his comments about Arizona State being his "#1" that he decided he should finally open his recruitment up. In my opinion, however, I think the Pitt staff saw the comments about Arizona State as the last straw, and let Tony know they no longer had a place for him on the team. Again, that's my opinion, but that's the way the situation reads to me.

To be clear, Tony Butler is a very talented recruit, and I think Pitt fans would have been happy to have him as a Panther, but it's very clear he's a young man that doesn't quite know what he wants. I said this on twitter, but I can understand a kid thinking he made a decision a bit too early and feeling like he needs to see a couple options. However, there's a respectful way to do that, and I don't feel Tony Butler handled it that way. Every other week he was telling people he was still totally committed to Pitt, then he was visiting Michigan, then he wasn't, then he's visiting Minnesota, etc etc. It was just all over the place. Kids get screwed by schools all the time, but the Pitt staff kept his offer open despite all that because they truly wanted him, and it looks like they finally ran out of patience for him. 

Pitt had been recruiting defensive backs still despite Tony Butler's commitment status, but now are free to recruit the position harder.

As a side note, don't tweet Butler voicing your displeasure about him decommitting. It's stupid, and fans shouldn't tweet recruits.