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Maryland Transfer Juwann Winfree reportedly targeting Pitt

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In 2014, Pitt and others lost out to Maryland for the services of wide receiver Juwann Winfree. It's starting to sound like he might end up in the blue and gold yet, however.

Winfree is transferring after dealing with a suspension at Maryland and Jerry DiPaola of the Trib wrote an article last night that says he is considering Pitt (if the Panthers will have him). By the sounds of things, he's not only considering Pitt but it sounds like the school may be the frontrunner to land him, according to his high school coach:

Harris said he has had several calls from schools inquiring about Winfree. He declined to name them, adding, "He is really set on Pitt."

DiPaola adds that while he is scheduled to visit Pitt, he isn't scheduled to make any other visits. Winfree also talked about the possibility of joining the Panthers:

"They are excited to talk to me about how they are going to use me if I were to come to Pitt," said Winfree, who won't be eligible this season.

No other news on other schools potentially involved, but it sounds as if Colorado State may be one that has some interest.

Former four-star recruit at a position where Pitt could be lacking proven commodities after Tyler Boyd presumably leaves after this season? What's not to like? Well, Winfree is leaving fresh off of a suspension after violation of the student code of conduct. It was his second incidence in only eight months there and the inability to stay out of trouble is never a great sign. Still, we don't know the nature of his issue (though, you don't need to dig far to find speculation far and wide) and whatever he did, it wasn't enough to get him dismissed from the program.

Winfree does also have ties to Pitt, FWIW. He knows new special teams coach Andre Powell, who was coaching at Maryland last year, and Pat Narduzzi recruited him at Michigan State as well.

We'll see where this goes. You have to imagine that Pitt doesn't think his incidents were too egregious if they're willing to host him for a visit even after he's been in touch with the staff. If nothing else, the Panthers are at least going to be taking a look up close at him.

As a freshman last year, Winfree had 11 catches for 158 yards and two touchdowns. He won't be eligible to play this season, but that's not a huge issue for Pitt. While they have a glaring hole at the No. 2 receiver spot, they really need to see what they have in some of the younger guys on the roster. If he lands with Pitt, the staff could get to know him this year before determining what kind of role he could play.

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