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Poll of the Week: Should Pitt pursue Maryland transfer Juwann Winfree

Should Pitt take chances on someone with a few red flags that obviously has a ton of talent?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's a question every college football program struggles with at one time or another. Do you take a chance on a kid with some red flags? How many red flags are too many? How much talent does it take to outweigh off the field problems?

There are two separate issues that have come up and we tackled one of them in a recent poll of the week with Tyler Boyd. In the last few days, another one has come to light. Earlier this week, Anson mentioned that suspended Maryland wide receiver, Juwann Winfree, is looking to transfer and Pitt appears to be one of the front runners for his services.

To be sure, Winfree is talented. He was a four-star wide receiver coming out of New Jersey and was rated in Rivals as the number seven recruit in the state and the 36th rated receiver in the entire class. His best offers were from Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, Michigan State, and Nebraska. Last fall, he was a true freshman and pulled in 11 catches for 158 yards and two touchdowns.

Now for the bad news. Those statistics were despite missing the last two games due to suspension and he was also suspended at the time he decided to transfer. It is important to note, that these were both school issued suspensions and there has not been an arrest or anything of that nature. Still, it is two incidents in eight months. We don't know the nature of the suspensions, but given what we do know (that he was suspended twice), is Winfree worth the risk?

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