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Poll of the Week: Pitt offensive line injury concerns

We've been down this road before with Pitt injuries that seem minor at first, but drag on. It seems to happen almost yearly and this year is no different. Are you concerned yet?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike the NFL, college injuries are not as specifically discussed and timetables are often mysterious. It is not really at the NHL level with things as vague as "upper-body injuries", but it's not far from things like WWE's Rusev throwing away his crutches and attacking Dolph Ziggler, either.

Many of us remember the weekly updates on Greg Romeus' back and wondering every week if Lucas Nix was going to play or not for weeks at a time. It can get frustrating and we all take a huge sigh of relief when we see the words in a practice report of, "X player participated in all drills" after a week or so of "limited status."

After the season ending injury to left tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith, the panic level was still fairly low because of the depth on the offensive line. For once, Pitt fans felt like an injury to a huge player could be withstood. Unfortunately, the line is dealing with some other injuries. For the past few weeks, offensive linemen Alex Bookser and Artie Rowell have been in the limited category.

If one can't go, Pitt fans will officially be on edge and if both are out, it obviously becomes a bigger deal. Despite the positive reports on Brian O'Neil's switch to tackle, there will be some concern.

What are your thoughts? Is it time to worry with regard to these injuries or are they just bumps in the road?

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