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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Week: Suspensions of Tyler Boyd and Rori Blair

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Yesterday, Pat Narduzzi made the game suspensions official for players Tyler Boyd and Rori Blair - both will miss one game, the team's opener against Youngstown State.

As I wrote in the comments yesterday, we don't know as much as the coaches do that ultimately make these kind of decisions. But with everything that was released in the media reports, Boyd's circumstance didn't seem to equal Blair's. Boyd getting a full game doesn't bother me in the least, but it looks somewhat odd in comparison to Blair's one game. But again, we're limited in what information we have so while I might feel that things weren't all that equal here, ranting and raving against what Narduzzi did here would be totally unfair. We just don't know.

Here's the thing, too - this still doesn't tell us a whole lot about how Narduzzi will do business. The Boyd suspension to some (not to me) could be viewed as slightly harsh considering that he is working through the ARD program. Blair's suspension seems by most accounts to be reasonably light. We've probably still got to see how he handles a few more situations before it's known which way he'll lean on these sorts of things.

You do the crime, you do the time, boys and girls.

With that said, I wanted to get your thoughts via this week's poll. Were the punishments fair to both players or would you have done things differently? Let us know -

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