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Pitt running back James Conner tops ESPN's list of ACC players

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This week, ESPN released their list of top ACC players in advance of the football season. Two Pitt players got big time recognition and running back James Conner topped the entire list. Wide receiver Tyler Boyd was No. 6.

Both are, of course, deserving and that includes Conner's nomination as the top pick. He was the conference's Player of the Year last season and despite not being the early preseason pick to win it again, is regarded by many to the best player in the ACC.

As I wrote earlier, there's more to Pitt than the Conner/Boyd tandem. But those two have rightfully gotten the bulk of the offseason attention based on their reputation. If nothing else, the offense will be capable of scoring in bunches with two NFL talents in Boyd and Conner. Just a little more recognition for those two guys as we head into fall camp, which starts soon.

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