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Pitt to see familiar face against Akron in former recruit Tra'Von Chapman

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, Pitt will face an Akron team that defeated them in 2014. They'll also get an opportunity to play against former player, Tra'Von Chapman.

The term 'player' is used loosely here since while Chapman was signed to the team, he never actually played in a game for Pitt. Upon being charged with assault, Chapman was later suspended and then dismissed from the program by head coach Paul Chryst.

From there, Chapman started his career at Division II Ashland. As a true freshman in 2013, he played pretty well, starting the final six games for the team, completing 90 of 173 passes for 1,154 yards, and nine touchdowns against only three interceptions. Wanting to get back to Division I, he then transferred to Akron, sitting out last season.

Chapman started the team's game against Oklahoma on Saturday and while last year's starter, Kyle Pohl, played as well, he looks to get plenty of work this year. He didn't have a great debut against the Sooners this past weekend, throwing up a goose egg in the passing department, failing to complete any of his eight attempts. The quarterback did, however, carry the ball a team-high 14 times for 48 yards. If nothing else, Pitt will need to keep a close eye on him since he'll likely looking to run many times when he is in the game.

I'd expect Chapman to welcome the opportunity to face Pitt with open arms. He did say in an interview that he doesn't hold a grudge against the school (this link is a good read, by the way), but you have to think that he will be excited to play against the team that dismissed him.

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