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Pitt Offensive Coordinator Search: Matt Canada interviewing at Pitt

Former North Carolina State offensive coordinator the first concrete name of the search

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After being a month into one of the quietest coaching searches I've probably ever seen, we finally got a name for Pitt's offensive coordinator position today per Richie Walsh of KDKA and other sources.

Canada was fired by NC State earlier this year, but many were wondering why. Canada's offense this year was #42 in points per game, #57 in passing yards and #31 in rushing yards per game. My understanding is he does not have a defined style. He basically suits the offense to his players depending on the talent. Canada's also desired by some upper level programs as well. He's very well respected, and I think would be a good fit at Pitt.

To be clear, Canada is not officially hired yet so it is possible there are more candidates. Canada's name is the one that we know for sure, however, and has been in town since yesterday.  Narduzzi has kept this search very locked down, so Canada's name getting out is significant. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.