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Pitt tops Marshall for third win of the year, 43-27

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After a 27-0 lead over Marshall, Pitt had to hold on for a closer-than-expected win. The score was 43-27 but if you watched the game, you know it came down to the final minute. A late Pitt Touchdown followed by a pick six helped Pitt pull away and make the score look better.

The Panthers offense started hot then, as we've seen before, cooled off dramatically. The same can be said for the defense, which nearly helped contribute to a late-game collapse.

One encouraging thing tonight was the presence of a passing game for Pitt. Jester Weah in particular had a great game with over 100 yards receiving.

It wasn't a dominant win but after giving games away the past two weeks, it also beats the alternative. We'll have more on the game later.