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King of the Hill: ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 6)

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Here's a look at my weekly power rankings for the ACC after the most recent games.

The big conference game this week was Florida State-Miami, which was decided by a missed PAT. Yikes.

Pitt, unfortunately, slipped a spot despite winning. That was mostly due to Virginia Tech leapfrogging them after the Hokies' big win over North Carolina. And, of course, the Tar Heels still rank ahead of Pitt as a product of their head-to-head win.

Wake Forest continues to win and, aside from Clemson, has the best win-loss record in the ACC.

The previous week’s rankings are in parentheses and as always, let me know what I got right/wrong in the comments.

  1. Clemson (1) / 6-0: Another week, another win - this time, 56-10 over Boston College
  2. Louisville (2) / 4-1: Bye week
  3. Florida State (5) / 4-2: Comeback 20-19 win over Miami secured by missed PAT
  4. Miami (3) / 4-1: Loss to Florida State drops them a spot
  5. Virginia Tech (7) / 4-1: Up two spots after impressive 34-3 win over North Carolina
  6. North Carolina (4) / 4-2: Virginia Tech loss drops them a couple of spots
  7. Pitt (6) / 4-2: Fall one spot despite the Georgia Tech win because of Virginia Tech's big victory
  8. North Carolina State (8) / 4-1: Quietly having a good season after 10-3 win over Notre Dame
  9. Wake Forest (10) / 5-1: 28-9 win over Syracuse
  10. Georgia Tech (9) / 3-3: Down a spot after Pitt loss
  11. Virginia (12) / 2-3: Up a spot on bye week
  12. Duke (13) / 3-3: 13-6 win over Army moves them up a spot
  13. Boston College (11) / 3-3: Down a couple spots after blowout loss to Clemson
  14. Syracuse (14) / 2-4: Ugly loss to Wake Forest

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