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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Virginia Tech Predictions

The Cardiac Hill staff give their picks for a game that could come to define Pitt's season

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's hopes for a Coastal are very much alive, and Pitt still somewhat controls its destiny a bit if they were to somehow win out.

The first step, however, starts tonight with Virginia Tech coming to Heinz Field. This is a really really big game. I think all of you know that already. History has been very kind to Pitt when it comes to playing Virginia Tech at Heinz Field. Virginia Tech has never won there, and the last time they beat Pitt in Pittsburgh was 1999. Since 2012, Pitt is 3-1 against Virginia Tech. If Frank Beamer hadn't left at the end of last season, I would have a hard time picking against Pitt in this game.

But Frank Beamer did leave, and new coach Justin Fuente was smart and didn't even touch the defensive side of the staff with Bud Foster. He's taken a boring, ineffective Virginia Tech offense from last year and turned it into something pretty formidable. The run game isn't the best, but QB Jerod Evans picks up that slack. He is only 51 yards rushing behind Virginia Tech's leading rusher Travon McMillian.

Evans is great through the air as well, with 19 touchdowns to 2 interceptions to go along with 3 rushing touchdowns. In my opinion, he's tied with Mitch Trubisky for the 3rd best QB in the ACC.

That dual-threat combo scares the hell out of me with Pitt's defense. Sure, Pitt's run defense has been more than solid, but elusive QBs have always troubled Pitt through the years. The pass defense also remains the hottest of dumpster fires (though, I liked the impact Mitchell seemed to have at safety in the second half of the Virginia game)

Bottom line: I like Pitt's offense in this game, but Virginia Tech has a great defense as well. If you even those out, Virginia's offense is  better than Pitt's defense, and I think that's where the game will probably be decided.

Don't think I'm too negative. I very much believe Pitt could win this game, but I just have a bad feeling, so I'll take Virginia Tech 31-28. If I'm wrong, I don't think many of us will care with what the win means for Pitt.

Corey - Virginia Tech (7-0)

Anson - Pitt (6-1)

Chris - Pitt (6-1)

JD - Virginia Tech (6-1)

Jim - Pitt (6-1)

Aron - Pitt (5-2)

Stephen - Pitt (5-2)