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New to the Zoo: JUCO SG Jared Wilson-Frame has committed to Pitt

Kevin Stallings adds a skilled shooting guard to the 2017 class.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Stallings has gotten his second commit in a week.

JUCO SG Jared Wilson-Frame has committed to Pitt out of Northwest Florida College. He's got great size, at 6'5", 230. He originally had interest from Connecticut, Georgia, Providence, Rutgers, and VCU back in 2015.

A week ago, after Kimani Lawrence dropped Pitt from consideration, many Pitt fans were starting to get extremely worried about Pitt's recruiting class going forward. I was beginning to question if Pitt was simply going to be awful after this coming season with so much talent departing. Since then, he's gotten Marcus Carr, and now Wilson-Frame into the fold, and the class is starting to look a lot better.

Wilson-Frame has been doing very well in his sophomore year at Northwest Florida, and is regarded as one of the best JUCO prospects in the US. He'll have two years left to play for Pitt, and could be a contributor on day one.

If you're interested in watching a full game of Wilson-Frame, check it out here. (h/t to PittCabe)

Welcome to Pitt, Jared.