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Doctor Robert: Pitt vs. Clemson Injury Report

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt has a date with Clemson on Saturday and the Panthers released their latest injury report today.

In addition to Zach Challingsworth, who has been out all year, wide receiver Tre Tipton (upper body) and cornerback Phillipie Motley (lower body) are both out for the game. Questionable are defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett (lower extremity) and defensive end Rori Blair (lower extremity).

The good news for the team is that it looks like defensive tackle Shakir Soto will play. Soto and Jarrett were banged up last week against Miami on the same play with both coming out of the game. We'll have to see on Jarrett and obviously, the team needs Blair in there, too. He isn't having a huge year statistically (3 1/2 sacks, 21 tackles) but is a capable player that is needed to help the pass rush against a great passing team.

Tipton, you might remember, took a big shot after making a catch last week. Can't say if that's what his injury is related to, but he was hit pretty hard on that play.

On the Clemson side of things, the Tigers' quarterback Deshaun Watson is listed as 'Can play.' Watson had to come out of the team's game last weekend against Syracuse with an injury. But the team said afterwards that he could have come back and played in that game if need be, so he is likely going to play.

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