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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Clemson Predictions

Cardiac Hill staff give their picks for the toughest game of the season

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks of our picks, we've finally gotten some separation  in the standings. Corey, however, is still a perfect 9-0.

So yeah, we're not particularly confident in this game. Pitt's pass defense remains unable to stop a stiff breeze, and they're going up against a Heisman caliber (but probably not winner this year) QB who can run and throw extremely well in Deshaun Watson. Pitt's offense, despite their semi-struggle last week, has been prolific, but I question their ability to run on Clemson's excellent defensive line.

The only way Pitt can win this game is maintaining position by slow, methodical drives that keeps Clemson's offense off the field. If it turns into a shoot out, I just don't think Pitt has the horses (or the passing attack) to keep up.

Stranger things have happened when Pitt has faced the #2 team on the road, though.

Corey - Clemson (9-0)

JD - Clemson (8-1)

Jim - Clemson (7-2)

Anson - Clemson (6-3)

Chris - Clemson (6-3)

Aron - Clemson (5-4)

Stephen - Clemson (5-4)