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Pitt football alternate uniforms returning for Duke game

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

In case you haven't yet heard, Pitt's alternate uniforms will be back one more time this season.

The school announced the decision to wear the uniforms for this weekend's game against Duke. I can't applaud this move enough, to be honest.

No, it's not a huge opponent. But it a game that the team desperately needs to win to keep momentum going after the big win against Clemson. As silly as it sounds, I have no doubt that the uniforms will at least bring a few more people to the stadium that may have been on the fence about attending.

These last two games aren't, well, against incredible teams and Pitt could have some trouble drumming up a lot of interest for them. Their job got a little easier with the Clemson win but there are still a lot of fans that will need quite a bit of coaxing to get to the stadium. This isn't going to pack the stadium on its own, but it gives people one more reason to contemplate attending. Strong job by the athletics department for playing this card.

The Panthers also got a bit of a break with a later start time. A lot of fans prefer the later kickoffs and they'll get their wish with this game at 3:00 p.m.

Like a lot of people, I would be perfectly fine with the team making these the regular uniforms. But wearing them a couple of times a year isn't bad, either.

The program has gotten a lot of national attention this week from the Clemson win and the fanbase is energized. The uniforms got so much love nationally and this is not only a great way to help keep the interest in the program high locally, but to get the team some more national coverage as well.

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