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Pitt lands four on ACSMA All-ACC first team

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready for postseason awards time, folks.

First up, the ACSMA (media association for the ACC) released its All-ACC teams for this year and the Panthers were well represented.

Making the first team were James Conner, Quadree Henderson, Dorian Johnson, and Ejuan Price. Second teamers included Jordan Whitehead and Adam Bisnowaty. Tackle Brian O'Neill made the third team. Honorable mentions included Henderson (as a wide receiver - he was on the first team for his special teams work), Chris Blewitt, and Tyrique Jarrett.

Overall, Pitt had a good number of players included. I did have one beef, though.

The one guy that I wish they would have found room for was wide receiver Jester Weah. Weah had 795 yards on the year with nine touchdowns. He only had 34 catches, which was the reason he didn't get selected. But despite that, he was eighth in yardage and tied for third in touchdown receptions. And that Henderson got in above him as a receiver is ludicrous. Henderson's rushing yards got factored in, but even with that, he only had about 30 more yards with 11 less catches and three fewer touchdowns.

For Weah to rank eighth in yardage and third in touchdowns but not make the top 12 (three were on each team) was tough. Like I said, the lack of quantity of receptions surely hurt him. But I also think there's a lot to be said for averaging 23.4 yards per catch. That, by the way, led the entire league for eligible receivers. Seems hard to leave the leader in receiving yardage per catch completely out of the mix.

Number of catches is important, obviously, but what you do with them is big, too. And with over 23 yards per catch to lead the ACC, no one really did more with them in terms of total yardage than Weah did. That has to get rewarded.

I'm sure you can make other cases, but I've not yet pored over the numbers. I don't have many other issues from a Pitt standpoint right now. I was initially surprised to not see tight end Scott Orndoff anywhere since he had a pretty strong year (33 catches, 558 yards, five touchdowns), but the five guys ahead of him all had legitimate reasons to be there, so no complaints from me. Was a really strong year for tight ends in the conference, it seems.

Peterman played well at quarterback, but it also appears they don't do honorable mention for quarterbacks for some reason. Not sure I understand that one but him not getting into top three wasn't a problem for me there.

One final note is that it's kind of a shame there was no room for a fullback on the teams. If so, you can bet that George Aston would have made it. He's done a heck of a job blocking and with nine touchdowns, he was a legitimate star in this offense.

Any omissions stand out to you?

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