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Pitt's Matt Canada a candidate for LSU Offensive Coordinator position, per reports

He is expected to meet with LSU officials tomorrow.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Reinforcing the idea that Pitt can't have nice things, Bruce Feldman confirmed what has been rumored the past couple of days: LSU is interested in Matt Canada for their open OC position under new head coach Ed Orgeron

And Football Scoop, who Pitt fans should be very familiar with at this point, also chimed in

This situation seems to be developing because Lane Kiffin was originally thought to be a shoe-in for the LSU OC job after reports of friction between him and Nick Saban. Kiffin has now accepted the Florida Atlantic head coaching position, which obviously means he won't be LSU's offensive coordinator. Seems like Matt Canada is now their next target.

This goes without saying, but this would be a very very bad development for Pitt. Pitt's offense was one of the nation's best, and not only put up points but put them up in extremely fun and exciting ways. If Matt Canada is looking for the most money, Pitt won't be able to play that game with LSU. LSU recently extended their contract with defensive coordinator Dave Arranda for $1.8 million. LSU paid their last OC $1.2 million. Pitt fans should pray that Canada's relationship with Narduzzi is worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

It's been one year to the day that Jim Chaney left for Georgiaby the way.