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Pitt vs. Omaha: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting near the end of the calendar which means non-conference basketball is about to wrap up. But we're not quite there yet and the Panthers still have two out of conference games to go.

First up is Omaha. I'm still trying to figure out if it's Omaha or Nebraska-Omaha. No idea, really, and let's be honest - it's not worth even looking up at this point. Should Pitt lose, I guess we can revisit it.

They're 7-5 on the year and while Iowa isn't that great, it should be noted that Omaha scored a win over them on the road. That alone should be enough to draw the attention of Pitt's players. They've also won three games in a row and played USC respectably, losing by ten on the road.

In terms of same opponents, Omaha lost to the Rice team by 13 that Pitt just beat by ten, so there's that.

Balanced scoring attack and they legitimately go 11 deep, too, with all of those guys playing more than ten minutes a game.

Other than that, nothing to see here. You know the drill - Pitt wins and they're supposed to. Lose? Disaster.

Game at 7:00 p.m. and, per the norm, on WatchESPN. Follow along with us here during the game.

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