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Pitt offensive lineman Brian O'Neill wins SB Nation's Piesman Award

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So, in case you've not been following too closely, SB Nation created its own award for college football - The Piesman. Obviously a play off of the Heisman, the Piesman seeks to credit the best offensive lineman making a play with the football - either running, throwing, or catching it.

Here's a little more background on the award for context.

If you saw Pitt's win over Georgia Tech earlier in the year, you no doubt remember offensive tackle Brian O'Neill catching a pass from quarterback Nathan Peterman and scoring a touchdown. O'Neill was a converted tight end so he's had some experience as a skill guy with the football. But it was still an incredibly well done trick play that helped get Pitt rolling in that game.

O'Neill not only made it all the way to the Piesman finals with his play, but he won the whole shootin' match on Friday night. Here's a look at the plays of three finalists:

And here's O'Neill winning the award:

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