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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Early projections favorable for Pitt receiver Tyler Boyd

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's still early and Tyler Boyd will need to put together a strong effort at the NFL Combine later this month, but so far the Pitt wide receiver is projected by many to go in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft.

OurLads, a popular scouting site is perhaps the highest on Boyd. Even though it's not a mock draft, they list the Pitt wideout as the No. 19 overall prospect, essentially calling him a first-rounder. NESN had a mock draft released this past Friday and they have Boyd going to the Minnesota Vikings at No. 23.

SI has Boyd out of the first round - but barely. They have Boyd going at No. 36 to the Baltimore Ravens. has Boyd checking in at No. 43 with the Los Angeles Rams. CBS has him down a bit further, but still in the second round, as the No. 58 overall player.

Boyd had a ton of catches this year with 91, but also had career-lows in yardage (926), touchdowns (six), and yardage per catch (10.2). He's an excellent receiver but you have to wonder if he'll get passed up a little by guys with bigger numbers. I'm also not convinced that the Combine will truly showcase what Boyd does well (i.e. ability to outwork defenders for the deep ball, his versatility out of the backfield, 3rd down skills as a go to receiver, etc.). Still, based on some of the early predictions, it looks like his decision to leave school after this season was a good one.

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