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Pitt vs. Louisville: Open Gamethread

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Big game tonight for Pitt, obviously. The Panthers took a step forward to some NCAA Tournament security against Syracuse over the weekend and if they can upset Louisville tonight, they'll take an even bigger one.

The Cardinals look like a tough opponent for Pitt and as I've said a few times in the past week, the team hasn't fared all that well against ranked teams this season. That includes receiving an ugly 59-41 beatdown from the Cards earlier this season. One thing the team has in its favor, however, is getting the game at home. Louisville is only 3-5 in road games this year, so that helps.

Game time at 8:00 p.m. As always, join us here to comment live during the game.

JD will be at the game for us and in the press conference afterwards. He'll have a recap up following the game.