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DeJuan Blair officially waived by Phoenix Suns

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt center was dealt from the Washington Wizards to the Phoenix Suns in advance of the NBA trade deadline. The Suns were expected to waive the big man after the deal, and that's what they did officially this week.

Blair actually wasn't waived because he put the team over the 15-man roster limit. His departure leaves an empty spot on the team and Phoenix just didn't really need him.

At the time of the deal and the rumors circulating that he was expected to be waived, I wondered if he would get another shot in the league. At only 26, it's certainly not out of the question. But Blair has been in a bit of a decline after leaving the Spurs a few years back and will have to prove to some team that he's worth a roster spot.

Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News wonders aloud if the Spurs would be interested. That's where he had his best years and with Tim Duncan's career nearing the end, that might make some sense. That's if Blair's issues are health related and he can still physically bring it like he did in the beginning of his career.

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