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2016 National Signing Day Open Thread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to believe but National Signing Day is officially here. All day long, we'll have updates, stories, and coverage. Tomorrow, we'll also have a special podcast with several of our writers.

It goes without saying but National Signing Day is the key for every program. It's the time of year when programs are infused with new talent, bringing hope for the years ahead. Overall, Pitt's recruiting has been pretty stagnant since Dave Wannstedt left town. That all changes today if the Panthers get everyone to sign on the dotted line.

Assuming everyone follows through on their commitments, Pitt will have a Top 25ish class. Pair that with the momentum of an eight-win regular season after going 6-6 the past four years and you have the makings of something that could be special. Pitt also has its eye on a few more players and could get a surprise pickup or two as well.

This open thread will be up all day so leave your comments here as the faxes roll in starting at 7:00 a.m. and afterwards. Happy National Signing Day, y'all.

** Update 1 (Jim 6:50 AM)  Good morning everyone, I'll be keeping track all day.  Currently Pitt has 22 commitments, but really we are only watching out for 20 letters of intent today, plus any late commitments or flips.  The number is only 20 because Chawntez Moss and Patrick Jones II enrolled early and are already taking classes at Pitt.   Moss is the team's lone running back for this class, while Jones is an intriguing under-the-radar defensive end. **

** Update 2 (Jim 6:55) Narduzzi is also starting with the early enrollments for this class.  I forgot to mention Chris Clark, yeah maybe you did too.  He likely won't be eligible this season due to NCAA transfer rules, but Clark is basically a five star player walking into the program.  He does NOT count towards Pitt's recruiting class for rankings, or else Pitt's class would be much higher. Starting with our early enrollees..

**Update 3 (JIm 7:04)  Tom MacVittie signing on the dotted line So many years of hard work leading up to this moment. So proud of you. All my respect and love

** Update 4 (Jim 7:06)**  Well according to Narduzzi, Brandon Ford's Fax beat MacVittie's.  Ford is the first one**

** Update 5 (Jim 7:14)  Former Cardiac Hill writer, Dan Sostek, confirms Justin Morgan the offensive linemen from New York is the third one to sign this morning.

** Update 6 (Jim 7:24)  Chris Peak says Zack Gilbert has signed DE Zack Gilbert has signed with #Pitt. #RivalsNSD

Gilbert is a Pitt legacy, and at one time was expected to enroll early.  Obviously it did not work out that way.**

**Update 7 (Jim 7:28)  Maurice Ffrench is in.  He just called Narduzzi this morning and told him he wants to play offense**

** Update 8 (Jim 7:33) Bryce Hargrove is in.**

** Update 9 (Jim 7:36) Phil Campbell is in.  He is one of the more underrated player in this class, one of my personal favorite recruits.

** Update 10 (Jim 8:10)  After a long break, Aaron Mathews has signed with Pitt.  He was committed to Penn State up until Monday night, big move by the Pitt coaches to flip him. **

**Update 11 (Jim 8:28 )

Therran Coleman is signed, sealed, and delivered.  I really like this recruit. I half wonder if he played for a big time WPIAL school instead of an overlooked City League school if he would be a four-star.  He's that good. Coleman will absolutely compete for a starting job day one with Hamlin and Hill. **

** Update 12 (Jim 8:40) Elias Reynolds, the linebacker from Brooklyn, is official.

Reynolds was a one time Rutgers commit, and should help add to the depth at linebacker. **

**Update 13 (Jim 8:53)  Well, Miles Sanders and Khaleke Hudson are signed to Penn State and Michigan respectively.  Pitt tried a late push with both, but two of the three best WPIAL recruits sign elsewhere**

** Update 14 (Jim 8:55)  Well, Bricen garner has signed. He is the first of the Central Catholic recruits.  Garner has been committed for a while, and had a big hand in their state championship run this season.

** Update 15 (Jim 9:02) Henry Miller has signed with Pitt.

Obviously this is significant because Miami really pushed for him late in the process. Always big to land a coveted Florida player away from a Florida school. **

*Update 16 (Jim 9:06) Kaezon Pugh is in.

Pugh is a four-star from noted Pitt pipeline, Aliquippa. He is a big time get for Narduzzi.**

**Update 17 (Jim 9:17) Ruben Flowers is in according to Duzz.

Flowers is a 6'4" four-star wide receiver that will get a chance to start next year.  Pitt needs playmakers here.**

**Update 18 (Jim 9:20)  Keyshon Camp is committed to....Pitt.  4 star Defensive tackle, HUGE signing for Pitt.  He'll tip Pitt's recruiting rankings up the charts.  Story to come**

**Update 19 (Jim 9:23)  Amir Watts gives Pitt their second four-star defensive tackle in 5 minutes.

Pretty big recruiting win the other day from Watts, he really blew up on the recruiting trail late and Pitt was able to beat Penn State and Nebraska for him.**

**Update 20 (Jim 9:25) It's all happening at once seemingly, Zack Williams is a Panther. Offensive Linemen from Florida.**

**Update 21 (Jim 9:30) Rashad Wheeler of Pittsburgh Central Catholic is in.  He's number 20 out of 23, waiting on Hamlin, Hill, and Pine.  Wheeler is one of four Defensive Tackles in this class**

*Update 22 (Jim 9:57) Not official yet, but if you were worried.....


**Update 23 (Jim 10:21 ) Damar Hamlin is official.

Hamlin is arguably Pitt's best commitment, and he was a huge recruiting victory for Narduzzi with him picking Pitt over Ohio State and Penn State.  Hamlin has the highest expectations of any of the recruits, and many expect him to start next year.**

**Update 24 (Jim 10:28) Chase Pine is coming to Pitt, little late drama the past week or so, but him signing with Pitt was expected.

**Update 25 (Jim 10:46)  Bonus, Ejuan Price gets a sixth year. He had 11.5 sacks last year. **

**Update 26 (Jim 10:56) For those sweating it out...

** Update 27 (Jim 11:16)  And there it is

Everything in before noon, except well a potential commitment from Rashad Weaver. That happens at 3:00**

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